Western United Environmental Services (WUES)

Fee-for- environmental services organization created to meet dairy challenges

Faced with a rising tide of water quality regulations that threaten to swamp its members’ livelihoods, Western United Dairymen has created a fee-for-service organization that will lend a helping hand to California dairy families.

Known as Western United Environmental Services (WUES) , the fee-for-services organization will provide environmental expertise to dairy producers who are finding themselves overwhelmed by environmental regulations, the most recent being the complex and costly Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) that affect Central Valley dairies.

The WUD board of directors approved creation of the organization at its August board meeting. WUD president Ray Souza said the new venture is in keeping with the industry’s tradition of self-reliance in the face of challenges. 

Conestoga-Rovers and The Source Group partner with Western United Environmental Services

Western United Environmental Services (WUES) today announced a partnership with two top engineering firms to help Central Valley dairy producers defray costs associated with compliance with new water quality regulations.

Central Valley dairymen who sign up with WUES for help with the WDR requirements will benefit not only from the reputation, experience and knowledge of the Western United Dairymen organization but also from the partnership with these highly experienced and reputable engineering firms. 



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